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CSE Management

Navigating the different nuances of each Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE) can be confusing and costly when you don't have the time it takes to clearly understand each CSE. You put money into the shopping engines to generate sales, but you don't always know where that money is going.

In one engine an item could be making money but find that you are losing money on the same item in a different engine. FeedPerfect gives you the ability to dig deep into your CSE data feeds and see which products are performing on different engines.

Solid Cactus has a team of CSE experts who can help you navigate the maze of CSE's by managing the feeds for you.

When you have Solid Cactus' team of experts manage your feeds, they will help you:

  • Set Up Feeds: Setting up CSE's can be cumbersome and time consuming, they are all different in their own special way.
  • Build Relationships: We have established relationships with each CSE. Without having a personal contact, you can end up waiting a while before you get the answers that you need. Our dedicated CSE account managers also let us in on specials and promotions that comparison shopping engines are running, and since we are an agency we often get first dibs on great new ways to promote your products.
  • Understand Best Practices: We have the insight on which engines work best for particular industries. Figuring this out on your own could be a timely and costly process.
  • Review Results: Having a dedicated manager that goes into your account everyday, minding your spend and taking care of any problem that arises, sets your mind at ease.
  • Research Trends: Knowing the latest industry trends when it comes to CSEs isn't always easy to find. We are already on top of it so it lets you focus your mind and time on running your business. Leave the research to us.
  • Optimize Feeds: Pausing non performing products isn't the only way to ensure your spending is being utilized the best way possible. Bidding on products individually is a great way to get better placement on your top performers, but as you know doing it strategically can take up more time then you would like to commit.

If lowering your ad cost, optimizing data feeds, and increasing ROI for your marketing campaigns are goals your business needs to achieve, please fill out the form below and our team would be glad to contact you.

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