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About Us

Solid Cactus, a total e-commerce solutions provider, has designed or redesigned more than 2,500 e-commerce sites using the Yahoo! Store platform. Our team of world-class designers and experienced programmers know what makes e-commerce sites successful and strive for excellence in each project we undertake.

Solid Cactus was born from one of the first e-commerce sites on the Internet, Our company founders, Scott Sanfilippo and Joe Palko, had the foresight to know that shopping on-line was going to be the "next big thing" when they setup shop back in 1994. In 2001,'s web and print departments spun off to create the Solid Cactus you know today. Our company was founded to help other small- to medium-size businesses become successful by using techniques that made our on-line store successful and avoiding the mistakes we made along the way.

Since its inception, Solid Cactus has become what we like to call a "small business incubator." Our solutions don't stop at web design. We offer call center services, search marketing, affiliate management, back-end order processing, print and catalog design, specialty programming and consulting. By partnering with Solid Cactus, you're partnering with a company with a simple mission, to be your partner in e-commerce success.

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